Services and Solutions

Services and Solutions

We recognize that a build-to-suit development only works when it is a true reflection of each client's needs and requirements. That's why at F. Greek Development we work extremely diligently to learn about your Company, to understand how your warehouse/distribution center will enhance your business and what your future growth plans are. Only when your business plan is aligned with your facility plan does the build-to-suit process begin at F. Greek Development.

At F. Greek Development, we can either build on one of our superb locations or conduct an intensive site search to acquire the perfect location for your build-to-suit. We will also custom design a facility that precisely reflects your needs and marries your financial, operational, technical and qualitative considerations. Our in-house staff of engineers and designers work side by side with our construction teams to deliver build-to-suit projects on time and on budget. Paying careful attention to the details and monitoring each project every step of the way are a few of the reasons why F. Greek Development has won the respect and adulation of our peers and clients.

We do not believe in simply constructing a building and turning over the keys to a tenant. We monitor the satisfaction of our tenants and the performance of our buildings, and our building management personnel ensure that your facility is well run and maintained. The reason why we have been able to enjoy so much repeat business is because we pay attention to each client's business.

Extensive pre-planning, full-service resources and a passionate commitment to client satisfaction...these are just a few of the countless benefits of a F. Greek Development build-to-suit development.

Talk with our clients such as the US Post Office, Bayer and Scott Paper Company. Visit any one of our buildings. Experience the F. Greek Development difference.